Parent Connect

The Parent Connect is a conduit to create timely messages and convey intended meaning to parents, teachers, students and stakeholder thus ensuring a sense of togetherness producing students’ global success.


Toy Smith, Leadership Strategist & Parent Liaison

Andrea Bailey, Marketing & Engagement Specialist

How does your role benefit students?

Students will become knowledgeable and equipped to reiterate to parents/guardians a variety of information disseminated from the academy.  This increases parent awareness by eliminating potential communication gaps.

How does your role benefit teachers?

Teachers will have the ability to increase collaborations with parents/guardians and students inside and outside of the academy. This gives the parents/guardians secure tools to serve their students and understand the classroom and academy vision as well as the plans of PDMSTA through teacher interactions and connections.

How does your role benefit parents?

Parents will become equipped with the language of the academy leading them to act as ambassadors and champions for their children, teachers and PDMSTA as a whole, As the pipeline of communication flows,  successful relationships are established, messages turn into understanding, frustrations decrease, communication disaster dissipates and room for  misinterpretation will not clog our system.

2017-2018 Training Tuesday’s

Training opportunities will be held on campus at Pee Dee Math, Science and Technology Academy.   

September 12th Effective Teacher-Child Communication
October 10th Enhancing Children’s Self-Esteem
November 14th Social Media 101
December 12th No More Backtalk
January 9th Integrating Work and Family
February 13th Look A Squirrel: Being Successful w/Attention Issues
March 13th Fostering Positive Feelings in Single Parent Homes
April Facebook Live Segments Shooting for Blue
May 8th Understanding Your Child’s Personality