Five Ways to Get Your Kids Back into the School Routine

Five Ways to Get Your Kids Back into the School Routine

Every year we are faced with how do we get the routine of school back down. I mean face it, for most of us our kids have had full reign of the house. We will all agree that creating an environment that is conducive to learning requires a lot of work — Well our friends at the Parents Tool Kit have created a great way to get back into the routine. Read below.

The holiday break may seem like a short time out of school for kids who have been working hard all fall semester, but we know that two weeks off is just enough time for kids to kick their academic routines to the curb. The days of going to bed late, sleeping in, spending time with family and loved ones with no homework are coming to an abrupt end once classes start again.

Getting kids back into their school routines can seem like a big challenge, but Parent Toolkit expert Michelle Icard and Tim Tinnesz, the Head of School at St. Timothy’s School in Raleigh, North Carolina, have five tips for helping to get your child back on track.

1. Restart the School Routine Early

One of the simplest ways to get back into the groove with school is to restart the routine early. Tim Tinnesz says that it’s important to reestablish old routines a few days before your child actually has to return to school.

“During the break, the routines of school are in the distant past. It’s always best not to end the vacation at 10 o’clock the night before school starts. Give yourself some wiggle room before school starts, even if that means practicing.”

He also mentions that kids thrive from routines and they often seek them out. “Children are kind of programmed quickly to seek out and establish routines and habits. So, a week or two off for Christmas break what the child is doing is picking up new routines and habits, even though to an adult there’s not much routine to it. The routines and habits of school are things of the distant past so it is important to reestablish some routines and habits before that child goes back to school.

Some of the ways that you can practice getting your child back into the swing are by putting out their clothes the night before, setting reminders on their phone, and by creating visual reminders for them.


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