Meet the Team

PDMSTA has assembled a faculty of master educators who have different teaching styles but a shared objective: to demonstrate how to improve student engagement, increase academic rigor, and create a school climate and culture that leads to success for all learners. In other words, we strive to create an environment that exemplifies everything we believe that a school should be, and then we open our doors to share our methods with others in hopes that they, too, will do the same. Our entire staff is committed to fostering a dynamic, passionate learning environment where every child is valued, challenged, loved, and nurtured.


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E. Keith Bailey

Executive Director


Mrs. Smith – Kindergaten

Mrs. Taylor Smith

Technology/Data Coach | Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Ham – First Grade

Mrs. LaTonya Ham

First Grade Teacher
Mrs. Nesbit – Second Grade

Mrs. Susan Nesbitt

Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Shorter – Third Grade

Ms. Sonji Shorter

Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Sims – 4th Grade Teacher

Ms. Regina Sims

Fourth Grade Teacher
Ms. Haynes 5th Grade Teacher

Ms. De’Angela Haynes

Fifth Grade Teacher


Ms. Dawson – Middle School English

Ms. Tierra Dawson

Mr. Addison – Middle School History

Mr. David Addison

Social Studies
Ms. Fenty – Middle School Math

Ms. Priscilla Fenty

Middle School Math

Faculty and Staff
Administrative Office


Mr. Rondelle Wheeler

Learning Design Coach/Lead Teacher
Mrs. McGill – Reading Coach

Mrs. Andrea McGill

Reading Coach/Interventionist
Mrs. Jackson – Executive Adminstrator

Mrs. Doriel Jackson

Executive Assistant/HR Coordinator
Mrs. Brown – Office Receptionist

Mrs. Michelle Brown

Front Office Receptionist
Ms. Wilson – Paraprofessional

Ms. Lucinda Wilson

Mrs. Rose – Paraprofessional

Mrs. Adrienne Rose

Ms. Moore – Middle School Science

Ms. April Moore

Middle School Science
Mr. Lee – Director of Nutrition

Mr. Ronnie Lee

Director of Nutrition/USDA Coordinator
Mrs. Reed – Caferteria Dietitian

Mrs. Joeann Reed

Cafeteria Dietician
Ms. Spann – Cafeteria Aide

Ms. Rebecca Spann

Cafeteria Aide
Mrs. McDonald – School Nurse

Mrs. Marilyn McDonald

School Nurse

Mrs. Mary Scott

SPED Coordinator

Ms. Lynn Jackson

Special Education Resource Teacher
Mr. Clark – Facilities Manager

Mr. Eric Clark

Facilities Manager